Depix is a tool for recovering passwords from pixelized screenshots.

This implementation works on pixelized images that were created with a linear box filter.


  • Clone the repo:
git clone
cd Depix
  • Install the dependencies:
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run Depix:
python -p /path/to/your/input/image.png -s images/searchimages/debruinseq_notepad_Windows10_closeAndSpaced.png -o /path/to/your/output.png

Example usage

  • Depixelize example image created with Notepad and pixelized with Greenshot. Greenshot averages by averaging the gamma-encoded 0–255 values, which is Depix’s default mode.
python3 -p images/testimages/testimage3_pixels.png -s images/searchimages/debruinseq_notepad_Windows10_closeAndSpaced.png




Mimic is an API-compatible mock service for Openstack Compute and Rackspace’s implementation of Identity and Cloud Load balancers. It is backed by in-memory data structure rather than a potentially expensive database.

Mimic helps with:

  • fast set-up
  • instant response
  • cost efficient
  • enables offline development
  • enables ability to test unusual behaviors/errors of…