This is not an official API support and etc. This is just a scraper that is using TikTok Web API to scrape media and related meta information.


tiktok-scraper requires Node.js v10+ to run.

Install from NPM

Install from YARN

In Terminal


  • Download unlimited post metadata from the User, Hashtag, Trends, or Music-Id pages
  • Save post metadata to the JSON/CSV files
  • Download media with and without the watermark and save to the ZIP file
  • Download single video without the watermark from the CLI
  • Sign URL to make custom request to the TikTok API
  • Extract metadata from the User, Hashtag and Single Video pages
  • Save previous progress and download only new videos that weren’t downloaded before. This feature only works from the CLI and only if download flag is on.
  • View and manage previously downloaded posts history in the CLI
  • Scrape and download user, hashtag, music feeds and single videos specified in the file in batch mode

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